Where are our bins?!

It seems this week that staff have lost their bins!

Last week we had a bin each under our desk, and now have one within the office (for 7 staff) to walk to when we have something to put in it.

Can we have the reasoning explained? As this is going to take a lot of getting used to (we are automatically putting rubbish under our desks to remember the bins are no longer there).

Some of the individual bins are of an old metal design and can present a hazard. As we replace these bins, we are taking the opportunity to provide larger swing bins for offices where there are multiple occupants. This makes collection of waste from offices more efficient and also encourages people to use recycling bins so that we increase our on-site waste segregation in line with our recycling ambitions.

Anyone wanting to discuss local arrangements can contact the appropriate cleaning team:

cleaning.services.stoke@staffs.ac.uk or cleaning.services.stafford@staffs.ac.uk

Why do we recycle equipment instead of offering it to staff?

Why is it that we ‘recycle’ computer equipment with Phoenix after purchasing it from the same company? Would it not be better to offer this equipment to staff on a sold-as-seen basis and first come first served basis and generate some income? I’m sure this would be especially profitable with laptops.


There are now strict legislative requirements regarding the disposal of IT equipment and unfortunately the sale of second-hand equipment becomes very problematic due to our requirement to meet our statutory responsibilities.

Phoenix dispose of the old equipment under strict guidelines and this is part of the value they add with the services they provide.

Where there is any residual value in equipment (e.g. Apple Macs), these are resold to Phoenix to generate income to offset new equipment replacements.

University software license agreements restrict our ability to supply the devices with an operating system installed which would mean that staff would have to purchase their own copy of Windows or other operating system.  We are however working on a joint project with the Students’ Union to investigate the feasibility of student volunteers preparing IT equipment for distribution to charitable organisations.

*This is a question that we did not have time for during the last Executive Question Time.

Does the furniture Warehouse still operate?


Does the University still operate the “furniture Warehouse” for people wishing to equip an office or remove spare furniture?

Furniture Warehouse



The furniture warehouse is intended to assist the re-use of furniture and also reduce unecessary waste but there is very little use made of it in practice.

We are reviewing the process for furniture procurement/storage with the intention of achieving the original aims of the furniture warehouse.

Why are there no recycling bins in the Pavilion?


Could you please explain why there are no recycling bins in the Pavilion restaurant in Stoke? All rubbish is ending up in general waste..

Thank you.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention as we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our recycling activities. We will now review all our catering outlets for similar opportunities and action.