Is a new entrance being added to Leek Road?

I recently asked about what the diggers were doing along Leek Road behind the old wooden hut (ex church). I was told landscaping, but from looking at these works it looks like there is some sort of road being made? Concrete seems to be going into the ground. If so, is there going to be an extra entrance onto Leek Road?


The landscaping works which have commenced on our Leek Road campus incorporate changes to both soft and hard landscaping to improve the appearance and function of the external areas for students,visitors and staff.  It does not include an extra entrance onto Leek Road.

What will the new science centre be named?

The Science and Technology building is close to completion, and staff and equipment are going to be moving in over the summer. What is happening about naming the building? All the other university buildings have names (eg Henrion, Dwight, Mellor, Cadman) and a prestigious building like this should have a name. Why don’t you ask staff to suggest names for the new building?

When is the opening ceremony, and is a VIP coming to cut the ribbon?


Exciting times lay ahead with the new Science Centre due to be formally in use by Uniq-wide students and staff from the new academic year this September.

In terms of agreeing a name for this new investment, research is currently underway and we will be able to make an announcement shortly. However, we have a formal launch event scheduled for Friday October 12th, with other activities being planned for the following week.

To acknowledge this investment by Staffordshire University in the University Quarter (UniQ), we are talking to our stakeholders about a celebration – it will, of course, have a ‘science’ theme!
Very soon, in Universities Week (commencing 30 April) the ground floor is being made ready to enable a few preview activities to go ahead – a taster of the bigger things to come.

Keep an eye on the programme!  



Why is the lighting outside Brindley so bad?


I am just writing to complain about the lighting outside Brindley Building, this is if you come out by the Dolche Vita, and turn right to get onto Leek Road.  As the lighting is worked by solar energy, and the sun has not been shining recently, it is quite dark and gloomy.  This path is used by lots of students and staff.

I just wondered if anything could be done about this?



The lighting outside Brindley has developed a fault and we will be carrying out repairs shortly. This should return the level of lighting to an acceptable standard.

Are there plans to refurbish the toilets in Flaxman?


Following the refurbishment of the stairwells in the Flaxman Building, are there any plans to give the toilets an overhaul? 

They are very unpleasant.  I notice that toilets in other buildings have recently been retiled and painted (e.g. the Beacon Building ground floor) which by comparison were in far better condition to begin with.  Considering the Flaxman toilets are used most nights by external customers attending the Film Theatre it hardly creates a good impression of the University’s facilities.


We are about to introduce a Planned Maintenance Programme throughout the University estate and these toilets will be decorated/upgraded as part of those works.

The timing will depend upon the funding that the University can afford and therefore it may be some time before work is undertaken.