Why is my inbox still full of AllStaff emails?

Why does my inbox continue to be clogged up with all staff emails containing nothing relevant to me? I thought we had switched to RSS?


When the RSS Channels/University blogs were introduced as our main way of communicating information across the university, it was decided that the use of all staff email would be dramatically reduced in response to staff feedback about ‘over-clogged’ inboxes. This practice has continued with only a few relevant individuals across the University now able to send all staff emails in the rare cases where it is felt necessary due to the importance of the content.

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Why hasn’t the IS status page been updated recently?

I’ve noticed that the University have an IS Status Page, showing the current status of University Systems. It’s a shame that the last time this was updated on 6 December 2011, especially since it would be easier to have a central page for all users to look at, before ringing 3800 and reporting a fault. Is there any reason why this hasn’t been updated for over one year?


The IS status page was developed before the wide adoption of RSS as the main medium for communication of updates to staff and students. RSS has the advantages of being widely accessible and being a single focus for key communications regarding institutional matters, therefore the decision to replace the status page was taken. IS will now remove the page to avoid further confusion.

Can we have an RSS channel for our job vacancies?


Can we have an RSS channel for our job vacancies? It would make it easier for us to know when there were positions so that we could pass them onto contacts.  And I am sure that a lot of recruitment and jobs sites would find it useful and so provide free advertising for us.


Thank you for your interest in the RSS Channels.  Although the blogs are currently an internal communications tool aimed primarily at staff, we are always looking to review and develop our communication systems as part of rolling improvements and appreciate all suggestions and feedback we receive.

The current method to receive job vacancy notification is via the e-recruitment system, which allows internal staff and anyone else outside of the university to register and receive information directly about vacancies in any specific areas of interest, either via e-mail or via an RSS feed system – this information can be passed on to any outside contacts so that they can be infomed directly of our opportunities.

Although we feel this is still the most appropriate way at the moment, we will take forward your suggestion for consideration in the internal communications developments, thank you.

Does the RSS ticker slow down my computer?


I have heard some colleagues complain that the RSS ticker tape causes their computer to slow right down, however, I do not seem to encounter any problems.  Could you please explain how it works and whether or not it really does slow down our computers?


The RSS Ticker  is a light-weight application and as such does not use up a lot of memory or CPU. If there is a delay on PC start up this can be a number of other processes such as anti-virus scans, Windows updates and asset management processes all starting at the same time – rather than the ticker itself.