Why is security based on College Road?


Can someone advise why the onsite security is located on College road when the majority of students live, work and park on Leek road site at Stoke please?


The University works with a professional security contractor to provide security services out of hours in the Campus Control Room, Library and in Student Residences. At all other times we don’t have a specific security presence although the Campus Team is responsible for monitoring CCTV and alarms and can provide assistance in an emergency. Over the recent summer, the Campus team transferred their main base of operation to the Campus Control Room, located in the Cadman building from the lodge on Leek Road. This was a collaboration with Information Services and provides a presence on College Road, particularly necessary during the periods when the library is open 24/7. In halls, we have a dedicated team who manage any issues for students directly from their base in Coalport on Leek Road and we maintain a crew room at Bush House as well as staff to cover Leek Road lodge between 7am and 10am most days.

Email management and provision


It’s really good to hear that the University will be adopting “One Drive for Business.” I’d now like to ask an associated question regarding the management of email. We are, undoubtedly, very reliant on email for a range of communication. I understand that staff have limited email storage quota on the Exchange Server. The consequence of this is that individuals need to create their own offline email storage provision. This, in our case at the University, typically comprises the creation of ‘.PST’ files which are stored on local hard drives on laptops. These email files are thus subject to the same risks associated with any other file stored on local drives/laptops. Are there any plans to provide alternative forms of email management and thus mitigate/remove these risks? For example, will the “One Drive for Business” provision allow for unlimited cloud-based email storage and access? The current approach is (a) not conducive of supporting information access at times/locations where it might be needed; (b) limits access to email and associated information/knowledge therein; (c) places the burden of risk and responsibility with individual employees. With respect to (c) I’d like to make reference to the recent email sent by the Director of Finance & Infrastructure and Deputy Chief Executive which reminds staff of our legal obligations. That email states that ‘personal data should not be copied to local hard drives’ – however, this requirement is unlikely to be (and cannot be) realistically met given the current policy and practice that governs email management. The ‘exceptional circumstances’ referred to in that email are, in fact business as usual circumstances for many. Please note that this issue is not about how individuals manage their email – it is about corporate governance and how the institution is protecting its data, enabling its employees, and how it is embracing technology to support the needs of a modern workforce.


All staff have recently been reminded regarding our legal obligations in terms of looking after and using personal data and how breaching the data protection rules has major legal and reputation implications for the University. Personal data must not be copied to local hard drives, USB keys etc. except in exceptional circumstances in which case additional security must be implemented.

The use of unencrypted e-mail storage mediums for personal or business sensitive data is not acceptable. Any member of staff who has a legitimate business requirement to send/receive emails containing personal details or business sensitive data must always undertake regular reviews and securely delete any email containing such data at appropriate points in time. Additionally, any staff who are experiencing issues regarding their storage provision, and have a legitimate business requirement to retain emails containing the types of data mentioned above, should contact Information Services for advice.

The majority of day-to-day emails do not contain personal data or business sensitive data and therefore the creation of ‘ .PST’ files stored on local hard drives would not be considered a security issue for these items.

Information Services are investigating our future email strategy to take full advantage of cloud offerings based around Microsoft Office 365.

Is more security needed in the Cadman building?


I have a question about the security in the Enquires Centre in Cadman Building, College Road. This is an open office which members of the public are actively invited in to ask for course information and whilst most visitors are absolutely fine, on occasions, this open door policy has led to a few unsavory characters coming in. I have been in the office when people under the influence of alcohol have been talking to staff, and I have also witnessed one female member of staff being harassed by a male visitor.

It has occurred to me on a recent visit that there are no security provisions such as CCTV or panic alarms in case something does happen and help is required. Could this be looked at? It is understandable that we want to create an environment in which prospective customers feel welcome, but the safety of staff must also be taken into consideration.


We are proposing to make more changes to the Cadman Building Including revisions to the Enquiries Centre which should create a reception point to improve facilities for people making enquires and also improve the security for people on reception. 

We will also review security provisions as necessary to ensure that neither staff nor visitors are put at risk in future.

Why do I have to sign-in to access Cadman out-of-hours?


Why, in a time when we have these fancy new staff ID cards, do we need to fill in a bit of paper at the entry desk of Cadman to gain access to the building? I often start work at 7 or 7:30am on some days and find it odd how I have to ‘sign-in’  while I have an ID card round my neck? Surely a 6am cut off for sign-ins (for staff at least) would be beneficial?

Remember that I can get into most other buildings this early with no challenge! Is this simply a badly thought out or unrevised policy of the security contractor we use? It needs changing to reflect the flexible working hours that most of us work to.


Information Services manages the reception to Cadman and we wish to maintain the corporate position of not distinguishing between staff and students during “self service opening hours”. This ensures that all users of the building are treated the same and the procedure is clear for the security staff – anyone wishing to access the building during these hours is required to show their ID card and to sign in.

It is our intention eventually to have a swipe card access system, removing the need for this paper based approach.