Will Executive reconsider the use of cigarette bins?

Some time ago I aired my concerns about the removal of cigarette bins from outside University buildings. The vision that greets visitors to the University’s main reception in Cadman of hundreds of discarded cigarette butts on the newly laid pavement isn’t doing much to demonstrate civic pride, given the many thousands of pounds of public money that has gone into improving the streetscape. Will the University Executive as a matter of urgency reconsider this short sighted decision as it is clear that you will not change the habits of the smokers.



The University no smoking policy prohibits smoking within 5m of buildings. This is for fire safety as well as to stop smoke from drifting in through doors and windows. Where we have smoking bins on campus, these should be sited at least 5m from buildings in compliance with the policy but on College Road the pavement immediately outside Cadman belongs to the Council so we can’t place smoking bins here.

Smoking waste is a problem in a number of areas, despite the domestic team sweeping up first thing every morning. We are currently reviewing our bins in conjunction with the landscaping design team and we are also looking at ways in which we can deal with smoking waste while supporting our no smoking policy.

Is it possible to have signage stating ‘No smoking within 5 metres of the building’?

In response to ‘Perhaps marked lines will help the smoking situation?’

I thought the policy was that there was no smoking allowed within 5m of the buildings, not just the entrance.

At present people stand next to the building, and there are often open windows which the smoke blows into. Is it not possible to have signage up stating that there is no smoking within 5 metres of the building?

Thank you for your response.
There should be no smoking within 5m of building doors and windows and we will make sure that this is included when signage is being reviewed.

Perhaps marked lines will help the smoking situation?

It is currently quite difficult to tell large (or small) groups of smokers to move away from the building when you thread your way through them. (Can the university provide smoking shelters?)

Perhaps a double yellow line (or a green one!) with the no smoking symbol inside at the five metre mark might help. It would also give lighter hearted options of telling people to move rather than having to start from ‘you’re too close please move’ it will be clear that people are too close. Perhaps ‘no smoking, no parking’ inside might keep a light touch or something similar ‘clean air zone’ or ‘stand clear of the doors’. There are health and safety issues when the doors are very congested.

Thank you for your suggestion, however, we do not wish to paint unsightly lines, of any colour, around the all the entrances to all our buildings.

The 5m distance is indicative of the need for a substantial distance that smokers should stand away from building entrances not behind a line marked on the floor. If they are clearly in close proximity to an entrance then they should be asked to move further away.

Can cigarette butts be removed from building entrances?

Further to the (Can the university provide smoking shelters?) question, it was noticeable this morning that there are a large number of cigarette butts in the grooves in the surface immediately by the entrance to the Octagon. Whilst there is no immediate health concerns here it is unsightly and feels as though you are walking through an ashtray so can’t give visitors a good impression and shows that the policy of a 5 m exclusion zone is not working at present. Could steps be taken to clear the offending items?

We will clear the entrance to the Octagon and attempt to keep it clear in the future but unfortunately we do not have the resources to do this on a daily basis. Smokers should place their cigarette butts in a suitable container and anyone seen depositing one on the ground should be reminded of this, politely.


Can the university provide smoking shelters?

Can I suggest that we have a separate smoking shelter located away from the entrance of both the Beacon and Octagon buildings?

Purpose build shelters are certainly not expensive and from a health point of view I think essential to protect non smoking staff and students from any passive smoking risk.

I find it very annoying that as a non smoker I have to struggle my way through smokers to get into my work entrance. Also it cannot be very good for visitors to the site to have also to do the same.

The University has a no smoking policy which states that there should be no smoking within 5m of buildings, doors and windows – it is everyone’s responsibility to enforce and comply with this policy.

The University has no current plans to erect smoking shelters as it would be very difficult given the number of buildings that we have, to provide them in all of the locations that people would expect.

We have recently begun a review of the no smoking policy in light of the issues highlighted and intend to recommend a re-launch with some new signage to help us all enforce the policy and remind individuals who do smoke close to doors and windows that this is prohibited.