Queries about the new Staff Directory…..

I am sorry to say the New Staff Directory is terrible

It is very slow, when it does work.

Often I need to send contact information to tutors working outside the University; due to the way information is now displayed I can’t cut and paste the information into emails. (Thick grey line in-between).

What would have been really helpful would be to have the staff member’s university contact number on the first page of the search with their name.

Re. the new staff directory pages – these are not as easy to use as they were.
Once you search for a name and click on it to find their email or phone number the search function above disappears meaning if the search brings up the wrong person you have to go back

It just appears altogether very weird. If it needed updating it needed updating to show the email and telephone number of the person you want not the division etc.


Work was undertaken on the staff directory to bring the underlying technologies up to date and to allow integration with other systems. Without this work, in the future users would have had to keep contact details up to date in a different location, with the increased risk of inconsistent or out of date information. The system was designed with much of the style and functionality of the previous system to simplify adoption, but including some changes previously requested which could be easily included at this time.

Following introduction of the new directory an intermittent performance issue was reported to our service desks. Information Services staff assessed, identified and resolved the issue within 6 hours of the systems launch.

Since the launch Information Services have received a number of requests for additional features to be added to the staff directory including:

•The addition of the search box to the person details pages
In response to these requests the staff directory has been updated to include this functionality.

•To include email addresses on search results and browse pages.
The visibility of email addresses was considered during the design process, with some arguments that all email addresses should be removed due to the possibility of them being collected for spam purposes. The current approach was selected to continue to provide email addresses while reducing the risk of spam.

•To include telephone numbers on search results table.
This is a new request that poses some design issues regarding how this should be presented, with some users having 4 or more telephone numbers and others none. This is currently under review.

•To allow cut and paste of staff directory entries into outlook without formatting.
The latest versions of MS Office offer several format options when pasting, including to “keep text only” which we advise people with this requirement to use.

•To allow Google and other searches engines to return staff directory results.
This will require the search engines to re-read our sites which unfortunately we cannot control and could take several weeks.

•To include staff directory entries in the university web site search.
The university search engine has been configured to return results from the staff directory.

If you have experience any issues with the new staff directory or have recommendations for future enhancements then please contact Information Services support desks on extension 3800, or email 3800@staffs.ac.uk.

Should staff be including work mobile numbers on the directory?


Increasing numbers of staff have University provided mobile devices, specially mobile phones and blackberry devices.  In the current age, many people are mobile in the way they work, and can regularly be out of the university for many days.

Where an individual is provided with a university funded mobile phone, would it be possible to include the numbers for these devices on the University address book?

Presently the system is voluntary for people to add this number to their staff profile, and virtually nobody does it. What is the university policy on this?


You are correct in that adding a University funded mobile device to the staff directory is an optional feature when updating your individual record.  We appreciate that in the circumstances you describe, access to a mobile number may be helpful and there is no intention to restrict access to these numbers. 

Staff, however, are not encouraged to add in their mobile details to the directory as the number would not be confined for internal use, but would be available to anyone accessing the web.  The result of this open access to mobile phone numbers could  result in a risk of ‘spam’ or unwanted texts and phone calls being received by the member of staff. 

Members of staff who have University mobiles are, however, encouraged to include the number in their email signature.