Why can’t staff claim for taking passengers on business journeys?

Please advise why we cannot claim for taking passengers on journeys!
In the light of the limited parking at this years’ graduation ceremony I thought it would help by offering to take colleagues (and thus going out of my way to get them back to RSH at the end of the day) assuming there would be some allowance for the additional impact having 4 passengers has on the function & fuel consumption of my vehicle.

Apparently this is not the case –is there no incentive to car share – surely this fails to meet the ‘green’ ideals!

Won’t be offering again! We will take 5 cars next time – at what cost to the university.

The mileage rates payable are intended to cover the costs incurred by the member of staff in using their own vehicle. Where additional mileage is incurred in picking up or dropping off passengers associated with business travel, then the additional mileage is claimable at the applicable rate.