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A cushioning and shock-absorbing material whose elastic properties can be tuned to match the expected applied pressure. The patented internal structure of the material gives a unique stress strain relationship that relieves pressure at a certain critical value. By changing the structure in different areas of the material, this critical point can be tuned to match the expected applied pressure, offering  extra alleviation in areas where high pressure is experienced and more support where pressure is lower.

The material is created by 3D printing and is a flat sheet between 5 and 10 mm thick for current applications, although different configurations are possible for different applications.

The combination of mathematical modelling and 3D printing enables ultracustomised cushioning material precisely matched to any application to be created.


Cushioning materials that match the degree of pressure experienced in specific applications, tuned to different areas of pressure in different areas. The non-classical stress/strain relationship spreads and alleviates pressure in areas where it is most required.


Shock-absorbing membranes and cushioning materials for protective clothing, veterinary-related products, orthoses. The expertise of the research team can model the expected pressure to be exerted in a particular application and design an ultracustomised membrane specifically for the application.


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