Everything we do at Staffordshire University is designed to create graduates with independent minds. We want them to leave with the right attitude, ambition and skills to give your business the edge. So we don’t just teach our students, we prepare them for the real world. ‘The Staffordshire Graduate’ is our pledge that when our students graduate they’ll be Employable, Enterprising and Entrepreneurial – in other words they’ll be ready to work for you.

No matter what kind of graduate you’re after, or what kind of position you want them to fill, there are loads of ways for your business to make the most of our students.

Find a graduate

If you’re looking to recruit students or graduates, we’re here to help. Email the Employer Partnerships team for us to start working with you to find exactly what you need to fill all sorts of positions, including:

  • Student industrial placements
  • Graduate internships – paid or unpaid
  • Part-time or temporary work
  • Graduate positions

Alternatively a university career fair is a fantastic opportunity to engage with students and recruit fresh talent for your business.

We can work with you to create your own tailored fair on campus, putting you in the best position to connect with the best talent before anyone else. We’ll also help in setting up interviews and providing breakout facilities for presentations and talks.

Just email us at employers@staffs.ac.uk and we’ll start working on the best solution for your business. Register to take part in future career fairs.


Graduate internships/ placements

At Staffordshire University we have an established tradition of using our strong links with industry to secure placements for our students. A placement is usually a 12-month, full time role that is related to the subject a student is currently studying.

As a placement provider, you get the chance to work with open-minded students that can make a real difference to your business, whilst also giving something back – real world experience.

Many companies relish the chance to employ students on placement, enjoying fresh ideas and an injection of enthusiasm – something Staffordshire University students have in spades. In fact, a lot of students actually go on to get their first job with their placement provider. So you could look at providing a placement as a year-long job interview.


Part time staff

With Unitemps, our in-house recruitment consultancy, you can find students and graduates willing to follow their curiosity and work for your business. You’ll get:

  • Flexible recruitment solutions when you need them
  • Reliable temps at the touch of a button
  • A network of offices all across the UK.
  • The chance to help graduates gain valuable work skills during study

Find out more information on Unitemps and how it can help your business.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us on 0800 169 2148 or email employers@staffs.ac.uk.


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Call 0800 169 2148 or email employers@staffs.ac.uk

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