University of Malta (Valletta, Republic of Malta).


The purpose of Teaching and Learning Event 2 (TLE 2) is to review the testing and implementation of the EPICC draft Spiritual Care Education Standard.  This follows the development of the Standard during TLE 1 (Zwolle, Netherlands) in October-November 2017.


  1. Review EPICC Participants’ experiences from using the Standard in their respective university / institution / organisation, and capture feedback from EPICC Participants+ (project stakeholders) regarding the Standard.
  2. Capture the cultural, spiritual and religious impact of the Standard, by identifying facilitators and inhibitors.
  3. Refine the Standard and further development of the Gold Standard Matrix for Spiritual Care Education, ahead of the final Multiplier Event (Cardiff, Wales) in July 2019.


EPICC TLE 2 – Information for Participants


EPICC TLE 2 Programme (Malta)

Day 1: 24-09-18

Day 2: 25-09-18

Day 3: 26-09-18