The EPICC project has produced resources to support the integration of spirituality and spiritual care within pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes in higher education institutions across Europe.

EPICC Spiritual Care Education Standard

The EPICC Standard describes the spiritual care competencies expected from undergraduate nursing and midwifery students.

The table of competencies is preceded by a preamble with additional information.

EPICC Gold Standard Matrix for Spiritual Care Education

The EPICC Gold Standard Matrix is a diagram that represents the cultural, social and political environment in which spiritual care competency develops.

The Matrix should be read in conjunction with the accompanying narrative below.

EPICC Gold Standard Matrix Narrative

The EPICC Gold Standard Matrix narrative provides further information on how to read through the Matrix diagram.

It illustrates the context of student selection, the environment in which spiritual care competency develops, and how students are assessed to be competent in spiritual care at the point of registration.

Full references are also provided in the Matrix narrative.

EPICC Adoption Toolkit

The purpose of the EPICC Adoption Toolkit is to provide a range of teaching and learning strategies that can be used to support curriculum review and change in undergraduate nursing and midwifery education across Europe and beyond.