University of South Wales (Cardiff, United Kingdom).


To showcase and disseminate the findings from the entire EPICC project and to formally establish and launch the EPICC Network.


  1. To provide a variety of case studies and experiences from the EPICC Strategic Partners and EPICC Participants.  This will be in the form of a variety of ViPER sessions (10-minute presentations, 10-minute moderated discussion).
  2. From the ViPER and EPICC Adoption Toolkit ‘taster’ sessions, provide a platform to share lessons learned and to further develop good practice by highlighting the facilitators and inhibitors in the provision of spiritual care in nursing and midwifery.
  3. To capture the experiences of EPICC Participants in how they have utilised the EPICC Gold Standard Matrix for Spiritual Care Education, the EPICC Spiritual Care Education Standard, and teaching/learning strategies from the EPICC Adoption Toolkit.


EPICC ME 2 Programme (Cardiff)