Marc Jones

  • First Impressions, Job Hunting and José
    The start of a new year is often a time when we identify new challenges and projects and set our resolutions1.  New challenges and new projects often mean meeting new people and I was intrigued to read in a recent article in the Independent about what Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 01-02-2016
  • Pressure Good, Stress Bad
    In his book Winners and How They Succeed Alastair Campbell has a section on ‘Pressure Good, Stress Bad’. In it he outlines how successful performers in whatever sphere use pressure as a force for good – a stimulus to success. One of the examples used to illustrate this was England ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 15-11-2015
  • Great Sporting Expectations
    At what distance do professional golfers have a 50-50 chance of making a putt? This is possibly my favourite sports question. I wonder if you can guess. I often pose this question to keen golfers, whether in a professional capacity as a consultant or if, as happened a few weeks ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 09-11-2015
  • The Tactics to Succeed at Football
    The management carousel is well underway in the Premier League this season with the sacking of Brendan Rogers, followed by Tim Sherwood, and may at the time of writing, improbably, soon claim the mightily successful José Mourinho. Leadership at professional football clubs is a curious thing. At its heart is the ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 01-11-2015
  • Why Life is Easier for Louis van Gaal at Man Utd
    As Manchester United prepare to take on Manchester City this weekend it highlights for me one of the most interesting things about this football season from a psychological perspective (even accounting for Mario Balotelli). That is the way in which Louis van Gaal has been treated by the media and the ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 30-10-2014
  • Sport and Business
    In the last week I have given two talks in which I have outlined how the research we are doing in sport has applications to work and life more broadly. The first talk I gave was the inaugural talk for the Stoke ‘Psychology in the Pub’ series organised by Professor Karen ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 07-10-2014
  • Still a Good walk Worth Watching
    With the Ryder Cup about to start in Scotland I was reminded of an article I wrote with David Lavallee for the Psychologist the last time the Ryder Cup was held in the UK. In it I mentioned that for psychologists, or indeed anyone interested in performance and behaviour, the ... read more
    Blog: Marc JonesPublished on 24-09-2014