Vitae RDF Planner: Try a new feature to identify your strengths and weaknesses

How often do you use your RDF Planner subscription? Perhaps you don’t have time to dig through layers of information or you’re not sure where to start?

Vitae has developed a new RDF Planner feature to help you quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses as a researcher so you can decide which areas to prioritise.

 MyRDF Profile gives you a complete interactive overview of all 63 competencies developed by successful researchers and will provide an at a glance insight into your progress.

 You can use MyRDF Profile in any way you like. Why not start by picking five competencies to develop and add more over time? MyRDF Profile will be particularly useful for self-reflection or in development conversations with your supervisor.

 Go to for more information about the new feature or go directly to MyRDF Profile (green box in useful links area on RDF Planner home page) and select the level you are at by rolling over the phase’s tick box.



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