Research Degree Administration (enrolled before 2015-16)

This page provides access to regulations, documents and forms relating to the conduct and administration of research degrees for students who enrolled for an MPhil / PhD prior to the 2015/16 academic year.

Research Degree Policies and Regulations

  1. Regulations for the Award of the University’s Degrees of MPhil and PhD by Supervised Research
  2. Regulations PhD by Published Work
  3. MPhil-PhD Code of Practice (Oct 2018)
  4. MPhil PhD Student Supervisor Meeting Policy
  5. MPhil-PhD Student Annual Leave Policy
  6. MPhil-PhD Student Employment Policy
  7. MPhil-PhD Student Supervisor Meeting Record
  8. Postgraduate Students Engaged in Teaching Policy

Guidance Notes for Students

  1. Key Stages – Transfer from MPhil to PhD (October 2017)
  2. Key Stages – Examination (October 2017)
  3. Proposed Layout for Thesis
  4. Title Page for Thesis
  5. Thesis – Hard Bound Copy – Cover & Spine
  6. Thesis – Copying & Binding
  7. Viva Voce examination guidelines for students
  8. Data security advice for hot-desking

Guidance Notes for Examiners – MPhil and PhD Examinations

  1. Examiners Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes for Chairs – MPhil and PhD Examinations

  1. Chairs Guidance Notes
  2. Minor or Major revisions – Guidelines for Viva Chair

Student Forms

  1. RDC1 Application to Register for Research Degree
  2. RDC17 Application to register for PhD by Published Work
  3. RDC2 Transfer application MPhil to PhD
  4. RDC6 Change of Mode of Study
  5. RDC10 Amend title of research project
  6. RDC7 Application for Extension of Registration
  7. RDC19 Application for leave to undertake a work placement
  8. RDC9 Suspension of Studies
  9. RDC8 Withdrawal Form
  10. RDC11 Student Declaration
  11. EThOS Deposit Agreement
  12. Application for Confidentiality of Thesis

Staff and Examiner Forms

  1. CV proforma – PhD by PW Advisor
  2. CV proforma – Examiner
  3. CV proforma – Supervisor
  4. CV template viva panel examiners for dhealthpsy
  5. Rapporteur Proforma (RDC1)
  6. Rapporteur Proforma (RDC17)
  8. RDC3 Report of Transfer Interview
  9. RDC4 Application for approval of examination team
  10. RDC5 Change of Supervision Arrangements
  11. RDC12 MPHIL preliminary report form
  12. RDC12 PHD preliminary report form
  13. RDC12 PHD by PW preliminary report form
  14. RDC13 MPhil Recommendations
  15. RDC14 PhD Recommendations
  16. RDC18 PhD by PW Recommendations
  17. RDC15 revisions to thesis
  18. RDC15 (PhD by PW) revisions to thesis
  19. External Examiner Claim Form – Fee and Expenses

Contact: for further details regarding the above documents and associated postgraduate research administration processes, please contact