Researcher Development Programme 2016-2017

September 2016

How to write a successful research funding proposal, Wednesday 21st September, 10-12, Cadman Conference Room

October 2016

Organising Workshops and Small Conferences, Wednesday 12th October, 10-12, Cadman Conference Room

The PhD by Published Work, Thursday 20th October, 1-3, Cadman Conference Room

November 2016

Graduate School Induction Day, Saturday 5th November, 9-5 (lunch provided) Cadman Conference Room

Teach Well Workshop, Wednesday 16th November, 10.30 – 12.00, B357 Brindley Building (pre-booking essential)

Technical Report Writing for Engineers, Thursday 24th November, 10-12, S204 Mellor Building

December 2016

A Guide to the Early and Late Stage Reviews (for students & supervisors), Tuesday 13th December, 10-12, Cadman Conference Room

January 2017

Research Funding Workshop, Tuesday 17th January, 10-12, Cadman Conference Room

Teach Well (Full-day session), Wednesday 25th January, 9-4, S101 Mellor Building

February 2017

Organising Workshops and Small Conferences, Wednesday 1st February, 1.30 – 3.30, BG045, Brindley Building

Session for Staff Pursuing Research Degrees or Considering Doing So, Thursday 9th February, 1-3 pm Cadman Conference Room.

Software for Referencing Workshop, Thursday 16th February, 10-11, C101 Cadman Building

March 2017

Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Workshop #1 (Introduction to IP Protection), Wednesday 15th March, 1-3pm, C101 Cadman Building

Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Workshop #2 (IP Exploitation & Commercialisation), Wednesday 22nd March, 10-12, Cadman Conference Room

April 2017

Research Ethics 101, Tuesday 4th April, 12-3, Cadman Conference Room

May 2017

CV Building for Research Degree Students, Wednesday 3rd May, 10-12, B122

Tips for Writing Up Your Thesis and Preparing for your Exam, Thursday 11th May 2017, 10-12 & 1-3