Researcher Development

All research degrees students need to attend to their professional development. For students on the new regulations, this replaces the old Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods.

The basic rule is that full time students should do SIX professional development activities each year, chosen in conjunction with their supervisors, and report on them at their annual progress review stages. These could be chosen from the Graduate School’s programme below, or they could be a variety of other things, including attending conferences, joining research workshops here or elsewhere, getting training or experience in software, languages, lab techniques, research methods, teaching, or whatever would be useful to either your research or your career.

To book your place on any of these workshops please email: except where otherwise specified

Researcher Development Programme 2017-18

September 2017

Teach Well Workshop, Thursday 7th September, 9 – 4.30, T203 Beacon Building (please email to book your place

Tips for Writing Up Your Thesis & Preparing For Your Viva, Wednesday 20th September:

  • Session #1: Writing Up Your Thesis, 10-12, LW032
  • Session #2: Preparing for Your Exam, 1-3, B325 Brindley

October 2017

Introduction to the Vitae RDF Planner, Wednesday 4th October, 1.30 – 3.30, B287 Brindley

Ethics 101 for Research Degree Students, Tuesday 10th October, 1 – 3 pm, R119 Science Centre

Writing Retreat for Researchers, Wednesday 11th October, 1-5 pm, R119 Science Centre

Organising Workshops and Small Conferences, Thursday 12th October, 10 -12, B369 Brindley

Graduate School Induction Day, Saturday 14th October, 9am – 5 p.m., L410 Flaxman

Research Funding Workshop, Tuesday 17th October, 10am-12pm, BG061

November 2017

First Steps in Research Publishing, Thursday 9th November, 1 – 3pm, T006 Beacon

Statistical Software Training for PgRs, Wednesday 15th November, 10 -12, B122

Writing Retreat for Researchers, Wednesday 15th November, 1 – 5pm, R301 Science Centre

Writing Successful Research Funding Bids, Tuesday 21st November, 10-12, T204 Beacon Building

December 2017

A Guide to the Early & Late Stage Reviews (for students and supervisors), Wednesday 6th December, 1-3pm, B287 Brindley

Writing Retreat for Researchers, Wednesday 13th December, 1-5pm, T004 Beacon Building

January 2018

How to Write a Successful Funding Bid, Wednesday 24th, 10am-12pm, LT014

Session for Staff Pursuing Research Degrees or Considering Doing So, Wednesday 31st January, 1-3pm, B169 Brindley

February 2018

Tips for Writing Up Your Thesis & Preparing For Your Viva, Wednesday 7th February:

  • Session #1: Writing Up Your Thesis, 10-12, LT014
  • Session #2: Preparing for Your Exam, 1-3, B287 Brindley

Software for Referencing, Wednesday 14th February, 10am 12pm, T105 Beacon Building

Session for Staff Pursuing Research Degrees or Thinking of Doing So, Thursday 15th February, 1-3pm, L101 Flaxman

Introduction to Mendeley Referencing Software, Tuesday 20th February, 10-12 LT114-116 Ashley Building

Graduate School Induction Day, Wednesday 21st February, 9-5pm, L410 Flaxman

March 2018

Qualitative Analysis Using NVivo, Wednesday 7th March, 13:30 – 14:30, B141 Brindley

What is this thing called REF? And why does everyone talk about it? , Thursday 8th March, 1 -2.30 pm, (B263 Brindley Building)

April 2018

Open Access: raising your scholarly profile, Wednesday 18th April, 2pm – 4pm, LT114/6 (Ashley Building)

Academic & Critical Writing for Doctoral Students, Thursday 19th April, 1.30 – 5pm, LW032 (Law Building)

May 2018

CV Building for Research Degree Students, Wednesday 9th May, 10 am – 12pm, S202 Mellor

I.P. & Commercialisation Workshop#1: An Introduction to IP, Wednesday 16th May, 10am – 12pm, B257 Brindley

I.P. & Commercialisation Workshop#2: IP Exploitation & Commercialisation, Wednesday 23rd May, 10am – 12pm, B122 Brindley