What is the Graduate School?

What is the Graduate School?

  • The GS was created in October 2015 to serve four main purposes:
    • To coordinate and centrally advertise a program of researcher development activities of all kinds. These are mainly targeted at PhD and Professional Doctorate students, but members of staff should also feel welcome.
    • To work with partners whose research degrees we validate.
    • To assist in gathering and maintaining data about the progress of current research degrees students.
    • Generally, to be a champion of the needs and significance of research degrees students here at Staffordshire.

The GS also administers the training and development program for supervisors, and the planning and delivery of the annual PGR conference.

Professor Douglas Burnham is seconded to be the Head of the Graduate School. Dominic Collins, Theresa Mott and Sunder Sanghera administer the School. To get in touch with us, please contact graduateschool@staffs.ac.uk

The Graduate School is part of the University’s Research, Innovation and Impact Services department, which is headed up by Dr Tim Horne.

What the Graduate School is NOT (this is important for clarity):

  • The Graduate School does not itself have any students, nor does it offer degrees. It is a service, not an academic department or school.
  • Anything to do with doctoral marketing, although it will certainly try to advocate on behalf of the community