A new champion for libraries?

According to a report on the BBC News site today public libraries have an unlikely hero waiting in the wings – Keith Richards legendary guitarist of the Rolling Stones! While most of his new memoirs focus on his musical genius and his wild public persona the BBC report also refers to a less known love of antique books and public libraries:

While the “Keef” of Redlands and other hellraising tales might be the one regularly represented in the media, less well-discussed is Keith Richards the antique book collector – a man who, in unguarded moments, has spoken fondly of his childhood love of public libraries, and who attempted to catalogue the thousands of volumes in his home according to the Dewey Decimal system.

Taken from “Who, What, Why: How is Keith Richards still alive?” – BBC News Magazine 28th October 2010

Come on CILIP – sign Keef up for a campaign against cuts to the library provision, he knows a thing or two about surviving!

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