2014-15 Schedule

All talks start at 6pm in the Glebe Pub, Stoke-on-Trent. The schedule of talks for the 2014-15 edition of Psychology in the Pub is below:

1st Oct 2014 

Prof Marc Jones (Staffordshire University): “Don’t Panic’ – And other more useful strategies for reducing stress in sport, work and life”

Oct PitP

5th Nov 2014

Heather Semper (Staffordshire University): “How do people cope with severe food allergy?”

Nov PitPNov PitP 2

3rd Dec 2014

Dr Sue Sherman (Keele University): “False memory and eyewitness testimony”

4th Feb 2015

Dr Richard Stephens (Keele University): “The Psychology of Swearing”

Feb PitP

Dr Richard Stephens induces “pain” to a willing volunteer via an ice bucket

11th Mar 2015

Dr Rob Dempsey (Staffordshire University): “I’ll have what I perceive they’re having: Social norms and alcohol consumption”

March PitP 3March PitP 2

1st April 2015

Dr Gemma Hurst and Dan Masterson (Staffordshire University): “Why being in the green can stop you feeling blue: the positive health effects of engaging with natural environments”

Apr PitP

Dr Gemma Hurst & Dr Dan Masterson giving their talk on green spaces.

6th May 2015

Dr Ken McFadyen (Staffordshire University): Let’s Talk About Sex(uality), Baby

May PitP

Dr Ken McFadyen starts his talk.

3rd Jun 2015

Keith Walmsley-Smith joined by Prof David Clark-Carter (Staffordshire University): “Psychology and music: songs to make you smile, think and sing!”

June 15 KWS PitP

Keith & David at the June 2015 #PitPStoke

Click here for a short clip from Keith’s set.

Psychology in the Pub will take a break over the Summer and begin again in October 2015.

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