My Next Online Course

Regular readers will be aware of my ambivalence about MOOCs – I don’t see them as the avalanche that will totally transform or disrupt higher education, although I can recognise there are some useful things we can learn from them.

They do however provide a great opportunity for self-directed personal learning and development, with no financial cost – but a significant time commitment.

The recent NMC Horizon report identified that Learning Analytics will be a key development in the coming years, hence I am now enroled for Coursera’s new course on Big Data in Education which starts in August and runs for 10 weeks.

Through this I’ll be studying:

  • Prediction Modeling
  • Behavior Detection
  • Behavior Detector Validation
  • Relationship Mining
  • Discovery with Models
  • Visualization of Educational Data
  • Knowledge Inference
  • Structure Discovery: Knowledge Structures
  • Structure Discovery: Clustering and Factor Analysis
  • Educational Databases

Come and join me!