Actual, proper phd work for once.

June 26th, 2014 by WEARN Nia

I have pretty much vanquished the PGCERT – All I need to do now is some paperwork and that’s done and dusted! Woohoo!!

Next stop is the RDC-1 form, although my very drafty version is already proving useful, since it forced me to think about that I was doing and how I might be doing it. So for now, here is my draft title:

“Identifying commonalities in the working practices of students during a Global Games Jam event in line with their education at Staffordshire University.

I imagine when this is all bound that will bear no relation to the final title, but we can look back at this post and laugh at it’s naivety.

This also means I’m starting to plan actual approaches, and chapters, and things. Behold – Planning tools!

Methods Planning

Methods Planning

I can not tell you how useful mindmaps have being, I’m currently using M8! on my little touch screen netbook and it’s awesome. It’s wierd, seeing it broken all up into Trello Boards and Mindmaps makes it seems infinitely do-able and exciting too. Yeah Research!!


E-Mail Apathy in students

April 28th, 2014 by WEARN Nia


I know it’s coming to the end of term, and it’s been a long term, and everyone is tired – but we’ve got cool things happening in May, and there’s the final push of assessment, hand ins, module evaluations , peer assessments etc – I know it’s a lot of information, but we only have a blunt tool of e-mail to depart it to our student body (until we have Matrix style neural¬†uploads). If we take too long to respond, or act on an e-mail students start complaining so why when I e-mail 500+ students via Blackboard it generates 1 response?

We used to limit the amount of e-mails we sent out, and they complained they missed things, now I fear we send some many (and everyone else) it’s white noise. We use Facebook fairly well, but that’s again so much noise, and an even blunter tool I’m starting to think there must be a better, more effective way of mass communicating with students, I just don’t know what it is – suggestions on the back of an envelope to the usual address.

I’d send a survey out, via e-mail, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting any responses.. You can join the conversation on reddit here -¬†

Physical Out of Office

April 1st, 2014 by WEARN Nia


Joking aside – it looks an excellent conference and there’s some really interest papers (and mine in the GGJ Workshop on Friday)