Facebook Polls and Checklists

April 7th, 2016 by WEARN Nia

I use Facebook a lot in my teaching, mainly for group communications – and we now have large scale global groups for a lot of the awards. It came to me today the the polls function, which I’ve used for lots of other things was an easy way to do a quick check list that the students could see if they’d done all the bits of an assignment – especially with big multi part assignments.


What’s quite nice is I had immediate feedback from some of the Level 6 students that they found it really helpful in working out what they had left to do for the final year projects.


Junior/Senior Planning ahead

April 7th, 2016 by WEARN Nia

Big modules take big planning. Junior / Senior – the big Level 5/Level 6 module is such an mega task of planning (with everyone having an opinion) that it kind of starts now.

Lots of what I put in place assignment wise has helped – Blackboard journals and the corresponding rubric have helped a lot – even if not everyone liked the smiley faces. One of the big issues is keeping everyone happy, and making sure all of the different students, and their groups are balanced. This isn’t an easy task. Sits suggest I’ll have 191 Juniors and 192 seniors (and there’s 24 Programmers too). This year we had about 350 students.

I’ve always asked the Current Juniors – about to be seniors what they want to do as Senior. I also let them pick more then one option so the numbers may be a little skewed – but it’s nice to see a raise in people wanting to be producers – I suspect since we changed the size of the groups, from 30 down to 12/13 – it’s a much more manageable task.

But I’ve also been tasked to ask the current level 4 students where they see themselves – but in a slightly simplified questionnaire since they can’t be producers. This data is interesting in it’s own right.

(It will be even fancier if that chart updates as it should)

House Points for Games Students

October 23rd, 2015 by WEARN Nia

A little while ago I proposed a little research project to  encourage researchers within CMAT – (GROUPS – Gamifiying Research Outputs Under a Points System – still the acronym / name of a research project I am most impressed with)  – anyway it didn’t go anywhere, but Bobbie and I liked the idea of House Points – so with the aid of my Level 4 Fundamentals of Gameplay students we’ve crafted a house points system and unleashed in on the students. It’s to encourage non academic engagement as opposed to grades.

tariff V1

Submitting proof is easy enough through a blackboard blog and the points are being updated every Friday via Google Docs – I just hope we get some entries…