Talking at #GameThink 2.0

February 13th, 2017 by WEARN Nia

Before we got into the swing of teaching I was invited to do two talks on the intersect between industry and academia. One of those was a lovely little meetup of industry and academia in the Midlands hosted at BCU and the other was at GameThink 2.0 (all of which is collected here)

Anyway, what’s quite cool is that all of the GameThink 2.0 talks were recorded, and since my mum said it looked good I’ll share it here too (also my hair looks super shiny)

#NiaTef #StaffsTef – Project Map

October 14th, 2016 by WEARN Nia

As a newly minted Teaching Excellence Fellow I attended my first forum and presented my project  – which according to the brochure I said I’d do this:

“Nia’s project will centre on developing the use and reflective practices when using social media. She is also keen to grow the research community within the University and will produce a series of best practice guides for staff to cultivate their own educational social media presences.”

So for now I’m running a friendly, adhoc service of answering the call of anyone who wants social media help and I’m writing up guides like this one on using Facebook with students – but I’ve found a novel way of keeping track of what I’ve been doing.

Week 1 done – and what an excellent week it was.

September 23rd, 2016 by WEARN Nia

I’ve had the best week – Today held Games Studies 1 – Cornerstone of the new BA (Hons) Games Studies which I’m still stoked we’re running, and flexing academic muscles felt good, especially getting students fired up about research – then the 2nd years are embarking on a Solo Game Board Development Project. Earlier in the week was Fundamentals of Gameplay in the bar and handing over the group projects has been a delight.


(This was before the rest of the class worked out their timetable had changed and come to find us) – but have 50+ student talk about gaming loves, hates and guilty pleasures was a delight – and reminded me why this is such a very cool job to have.

I’ve also worked out the perfect way to explain being a uni student to, well the students.


I really get a sense this is going to be an awesome year =D