On Nihilism

  • Agostinelli, Robb – The sublime in photographic practice and in philosophy
  • Beardwood, Mike — Modelling of existentialist ethics in computer gaming
  • Brockie, Wendy – ‘The Role of Divine Providence in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant’
  • Brown, Roger – Hermeneutics and documentary photography practice (now completed!)
  • Davies, Glyn – Heidegger, Politics, and the Apollonian-Dionysian duality (now completed!)
  • Dyck, Jordan – Lacan and St. Paul
  • Gilbert, Simon – ‘The Phenomenology of emotions in Merleau-Ponty and Sartre’
  • Harris, Matthew – Gianni Vattimo and kenosis
  • Hazeldine, Lee – ‘Fetishism reconfigured: Surplus, Equivalence and Difference with the Production of Value’ (now completed!)
  • Papandreopoulos, Georgios – Nietzsche as a philosopher of culture
  • Pines, Brian – Nietzsche and incorporation
  • Rayworth, Anthony – Phenomenology of design objects in specific environments
  • Ross, William – Bergson and Deleuze
  • West, Veronica – Phenomenology of visual creativity in children, and its relation to contemporary fine art practice
  • Wills, Eric – Nietzsche, pathos of distance and strategies of writing
  • Wright, Christine – practical and theoretical work on the philosophy of border and transitional spaces (now completed!)
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