Child Psychology

Across our two key areas of research (Health & Behaviour Change; Applied Perception & Cognition) we have a cross-cutting Child Psychology theme.

This is a growing research theme including researchers who have an active interest in and expertise within the area of child psychology, across Developmental Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology, and Forensic and Criminological Psychology. Research conducted in this cross-cutting theme informs teaching on our specialist BSc Psychology and Child Development course, one of only six such courses in the UK

Our areas of specialism in Child Psychology include:

Children’s Understanding and Making of Drawings: relating to children’s use and understanding of representation and expression in their making and understanding of pictures. This includes research considering the developmental, cognitive, aesthetic, educational, clinical and cross-cultural issues in children’s drawings.

Health Promotion in Children: focusing on exploring the factors that impact on children and young people’s health, wellbeing and their health-related motivation. This body of work includes the investigation of psychosocial factors influencing likelihood of engaging in healthy eating habits, child mental health, and novel research into eye-patch wearing by children with amblyopia (lazy eye).

The Staffordshire University Children’s Lab

The Staffordshire University Children’s Lab is a research facility where we invite young children and their parents to join us to help us explore and understand this exciting period of development. We specialise in the study of creative development and every visit is valued and we do all we can to make it a fun experience for everyone.

Our Observation suite set up for a study conducted by our Children's Lab

Our Observation suite set up for a study conducted by our Children’s Lab

Child Psychology – Publications

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