Health & Behaviour Change

Staff in this workstream focus on understanding health and facilitating behaviour change CfHP1across a range of physical and mental health related complaints. We have specific expertise in:

  • The Impact and Experience of Long Term Conditions (including pain and pain management, diabetes, amblyopia, mental health-related conditions). We have close links with local and national hospitals and seek to understand how patients experience and self-manage their conditions and how health professionals can best support this process.
  • Health-Related Motivation. We have a group of researchers who explore what might impact on our health-related motivation. This body of work increases our understanding of what influences our likelihood of engaging in health protective as well as risky health behaviours (examples of health issues include obesity and healthy eating, substance use, sexual health, older people ageing well).
  • Behaviour Change. Some of the more innovative work taking place applies understanding from the conspiracy theory field or draws on social norms theory (e.g. alcohol use) to better understand the influences on behaviour change.

Health & Behaviour Change – Publications

Video Case Studies


Here are some examples of research being conducted by staff working in our Health and Behaviour Change group.

Professor Karen Rodham (Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Staffordshire Centre for Psychological Research) discusses her research into the support needs of individuals living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:


Dr Jo Lloyd (Lecturer in Psychology) discusses her research into understanding the experiences of thoughts and acts of self-harm, and suicidal ideation, amongst those who gamble online:


Dr Daniel Jolley (Lecturer in Psychology) talks about his research into the role of conspiracy theories in bolstering system-justifying beliefs by blaming ‘a few bad apples’:


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