Centre Structure:

Centre Director: Professor Karen Rodham

Asst director: Dr Rachel Povey & Dr Richard Jolley

Academic Staff

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claire BDr Claire Barlow


SL, Psychology

Emily BDr Emily Buckley


Head of the Department of Psychology

Amy BDr Amy Burton


SL, Qualitative Psychological Research Methods

DCCProfessor David Clark-Carter


Emeritus Professor of Psychological Research Methods

Helen CDr Helen Combes


PL, Clinical Psychology

Dr Mani Das Gupta

SL, Counselling & Psychology

Sarah DDr Sarah Dean

SL, Health Psychology

Justine DDr Justine Drakeford


SL, Biological Psychology

Doreen F Dr Doreen Fleet


Dr Jo Heyes


PL, Clinical Psychology

Dr Louise Humphreys


SL, Quantitative Psychological Research Methods & Statistics

Gemma HDr Gemma Hurst


SL, Health Psychology

Richard JDr Richard Jolley


Ass Prof, Psychology

Dr Samuel A. Jones


L, Quantitative Psychological Research Methods & Statistics

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Dr Sarah Krahenbuhl


SL, Forensic Psychology

Erica LDr Erica Lucas

SL, Cognitive Psychology

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Peter Macaulay


L, Social Psychology and Individual Differences

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Dr Yvonne MeliaORCID:

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Alison ODr Alison Owen

L, Health Psychology

Rachel PDr Rachel Povey

Ass Prof, Health Psychology

RoddersProfessor Karen Rodham


Prof, Health Psychology

Sarah RDr Sarah Rose


SL, Psychology & Child Development

Helen SDr Helen ScottORCID:

PL, Clinical Psychology

Nikki SDr Nikki Street


SL, Social Psychology & Individual Differences

Dr Jennifer TaylorORCID:

L, Qualitative Psychological Research Methods

Dr Romina Vivaldi


L, Psychology

Associate Members

 neilcoulson Dan_Masterson_tcm44-88493
Prof Neil Coulson Dr Daniel Masterson Mark Ware

PhD Students

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Sonia Begum

Supervisors: Dr Rachel Povey, Dr Christopher Gidlow & Dr Naomi Ellis

Thesis Title: The design, development and evaluation of a diabetes prevention programme

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Angela Bonner

Supervisors: Dr Jade Elliott & Dr Louise Humphreys

Thesis Title: Investigating the relationship between glucose-regulation and cognitive processing

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Sian Calvert

Supervisors: Dr Robert Dempsey & Dr Rachel Povey

Thesis Title: Applying the social norms approach to improve dietary behaviours amongst high school students

man_silhouette_clip_art_9510Darel Cookson

Supervisors: Dr Daniel Jolley, Dr Robert Dempsey, & Dr Rachel Povey

Thesis Title: “The role of social norms in reducing belief in conspiracy theories”

Tina Hamilton

Supervisors: Dr Robert Dempsey & Professor Eleanor Bradley (University of Worcester)

Thesis Title: A critical analysis of adult safeguarding practices in NHS mental health trusts

Claudia Lega

Supervisors: Dr Christopher Gidlow, Dr Naomi Ellis, & Dr Gemma Hurst

Thesis title: Natural environments, stress and cognitive functioning

HeadshotEmma Roberts

Supervisors: Dr Louise Humphreys & Dr Sarah Krahenbuhl

Thesis Title: The role of attention and negative emotion in the production of false memories

Tanya Schrader

Supervisors: Dr Daniel Jolley & Dr Sarah Krahenbuhl

Thesis Title: Investigating the darker side of conspiracy theories: aggression, violence and injustice

Centre Alumni

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