Visiting Speaker Series

The Centre holds a regular series of Visiting Speaker research talks. We invite academics and practitioners working at universities and in a variety of practice-based settings around the UK to present their current research and practice.

These talks enable staff, students and members of the public to be kept up-to-date with research and practice in psychology. The talks are free and no booking is required. We also live tweet from these talks using the #StaffsVSS hashtag. All staff, students, and members of the public are welcome to attend!

For further information about the Visiting Speaker Series please contact:
Dr. Nikki Street
Visiting Speaker Coordinator
Tel: 01782 294672, Email:

For more details about the Visiting Speaker talks please click on the below links to see the current series of talks and previous years’ talks.

Science2016-2017 Series Mar16 VSS Street Ware2015-2016 Series