My research interests lie across Clinical and Health Psychology. I am broadly interested in how an individual’s perception of their social environment influences their psychological wellbeing and the engagement in a variety of health-related behaviours.

My research falls into three areas (click on the below links for more details):

  1.  High & Variable Mood
  2.  Suicidality
  3.  Evaluating the Social Norms Approach

Research Collaborations & Postgraduate Research Opportunities

I am very happy to discuss developing new collaborations with international researchers and individuals from other fields of study as well as those working from a psychological perspective.

I am keen to hear from motivated potential PhD candidates interested in pursuing research into the experience of suicidality in bipolar disorder, applying the social norms approach to general population samples and non-substance-related behaviours, as well as other related areas of interest (click here for my contact details).


Doctoral Students:


  • Sian Calvert (PhD Student, Staffordshire University, 2015-present). Principal Supervisor with Dr Rachel Povey (Staffordshire University). Project titled: Applying the Social Norms Approach to Improve Dietary Behaviours amongst High School Students.
  • Tina Hamilton (PhD Student, Staffordshire University, 2017-present). Principal Supervisor with Professor Eleanor Bradley (University of Worcester). Project titled: A critical analysis of adult safeguarding practices in NHS mental health trusts.
  • Darel Cookson (PhD Student, Staffordshire University, 2017-present). Co-supervisor with Dr Daniel Jolley and Dr Rachel Povey (both Staffordshire University). Project titled: The role of social norms in reducing belief in conspiracy theories.
  • Craig Burman (DClinPsy Trainee, Staffordshire University, 2017-present). Co-supervisor with Dr Helena Priest (Staffordshire University). Project titled: Exploring the nature of self and identity amongst men living with bipolar disorder.


  • Rebecca Owen (PhD Student, University of Manchester, 2013-2017). Co-supervisor with Dr Patricia Gooding (University of Manchester) and Prof Steven Jones (Lancaster University). Thesis entitled “The role of appraisals of factors related to social communication in the suicidal thoughts and acts of people who experience bipolar disorder“.