Based on our work investigating the experiences of suicidality by people living with a bipolar disorder diagnosis, I have developed a broader interest in understanding the role of psychological factors in the experience of suicidal thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Current work includes collaborative research into the role of prosocial behaviours, coping and personality in the experience of suicidality, as well as studies into the role of psychological processes (e.g. cognitive styles, self-appraisals) in the vulnerability to suicidality. I have also joined the Stoke & Staffordshire Suicide Prevention Group working to develop an action plan to reduce the number of suicides in the county.

Current projects
  • Pro-social Behaviour, Personality & Mental Health – with Dr Kevin Hochard (Chester) & Dr Nadja Heym (Nottingham Trent), we are investigating the relationship between pro-social behaviours (e.g. volunteering) with mental health and coping. We are currently recruiting participants for an online study which forms the first part of this project (click here for details).
  • Understanding the support needs of students who present ‘in crisis’ to university support services. I am working with university counselling and enabling staff on a project to understand why some students present at support services ‘in crisis’, often reporting suicidal thoughts, and why such students do not access support earlier.
  • Understanding how staff cope when students seek help for their own, or another’s, self-harm behaviour. I am part of a collaborative qualitative study investigating academic staff experiences of supporting students who disclose self-harm and suicidality, and how staff can be better supported when working with students in distress (with Prof Karen Rodham, Staffs, & Dr Hannah Heath, Chester).
  • I am currently developing new projects on men’s experiences of suicidality.

Representative Publications

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