My teaching practice is characterised by the use of innovative and interactive teaching methods, including using new learning technologies, audience participation software (click here for my blog on making lectures interactive), and adopting blended-learning approaches.

2018/2019 Teaching

I teach a range of seminars and lectures across Staffordshire University’s Psychology courses, including:

Undergraduate Psychology:

  • Behavioural Medicine (Bipolar Disorder; Suicidality)
  • Contemporary Issues in Psychology (Module Leader)
  • Foundations of Psychology (Individual Differences)
  • Perspectives in Psychology
  • Understanding the Social World
  • Level 6 Research Project Supervisor


  • MSc Health Psychology – Core Issues in Health Psychology
  • MSc Health Psychology – Dissertation Supervisor
  • MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology – Course Leader
  • MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology – Dissertation Supervisor
  • MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology – Clinical Psychology: Science & Experience (Module Leader)
  • PhD Supervision
  • DClinPsy Research Project Supervision
  • Independent Chair, PhD Viva Examinations
  • Early/Late Stage Reviewer for PhD Students

Administrative Duties:

  • Co-Director, Staffordshire Centre for Psychological Research, Staffordshire University
  • Member of the School of Life Sciences & Education Research Forum
  • Marketing Contact for Psychology
  • Manager of Psychology Social Media (@StaffsPsych) and InPsych blog
  • Member of the Psychology Research Ethics Panel