Research Governance

Staffordshire University is committed to producing world leading and internationally excellent research which meets the highest standards of research integrity. Research governance is important for developing and maintaining the framework in which we manage research and ensure research integrity is achieved. To support this, the university has set in place a Code of Conduct of Research and Enterprise.

We provide policies and guidance on the following areas;

  • Research Integrity
  • Research Ethics
  • The Annual Professorial Call
  • The Appointment of Visiting Titleholders
  • Research Training Programme

Research Integrity at Staffordshire University is overseen by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Martin Jones. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct these to Research Policy and Governance Manager, Cathal Rogers (

Research Governance Committees

Two main committees govern research at the university, both reporting to Academic Board. These committees are the Professorial Conferment Committee and the Research and Innovation Committee.

The University Research Ethics Committee, which oversees the ethical review of research, and the Graduate School Committee, which oversees Postgraduate Research (MPhil-PhDs and Professional Doctorates), both report to the Research and Innovation Committee.


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