All research projects carried out by staff and students of the University must consider ethical issues, and, where appropriate, seek ethical approval in accordance with the university’s Ethical Review Policy.

Ethical Review Policy

Staffordshire University Ethical Review Policy (Amended Feb 2018) (DOCX, file size: 71KB)

Ethical Review Forms

A disclaimer form may be used in cases where the researcher and the supervisor (where applicable) conclude that it is not necessary to apply for ethical approval for a specific research project.

Disclaimer Form (Feb 2018) (DOCX, file size: 71KB)

The proportionate review process may be used where the research raises only minimal ethical risk. The research must: focus on minimally sensitive topics; entail minimal intrusion or disruption to others; and involve participants who would not be considered vulnerable in the context of the research.

Proportionate Review Form (DOCX, file size: 54KB)

The full ethical review process must be used for research involving above minimal risk and therefore necessitating a more thorough ethical review prior to approval.

Full Ethical Review Form (Feb 2018) (DOCX, file size: 63KB)

Further Information

Staffordshire University staff and students can access Blackboard for further information and resources to support ethics applications using the following link:

After logging in using your university email/password, select “My Services”. You will find University Research Ethics under “Self-enrolled courses”. Select “Enrol” to gain access to this additional resource.


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