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As part of our commitment to providing a thriving research environment we aim to help research-engaged staff grow by developing their skills and expertise at all levels and from whatever entry point they start their research career. In 2018 we have been awarded the EU HR Excellence in Research Award to demonstrate our commitment to the professional development of our researchers. As part of this process we analysed of our practice against the principles set out in the Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers and developed an implementation plan to address gaps that emerged in this analysis. You can find more on the gap analysis and associated implementation plan by following the links below.

Research Training Programme

To help develop the research skills of our staff, and to foster an excellent research environment, we organise a Research Training Programme offering sessions a wide range of topics. These training sessions are open to all staff and PGR students and we encourage both experienced researchers, and those new to research, to engage with the programme as much as possible. We hope that these sessions will also prove a great opportunity to meet colleagues from across the university and to discuss the range of research we are undertaking. Please contact


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