The university offers two categories of visiting titles which can be conferred upon external academics or professional practitioners in recognition of their standing and the role they will play within the university. A visiting title allows access to university facilities such as the library and an e-mail account as well as the use of the university as an affiliation when presenting public lectures or other public events. Visiting titles do not carry a financial reward.

A Visiting Fellowship is an appropriate title for academics or professional practitioners who are expected to make a significant contribution to the University and form a substantial collaboration.

The forms to apply for a Visiting Fellowship, and the Guidelines concerning these Fellowships, are:

A Visiting Professorship represents a considerable step up from a Visiting Fellowship and is conferred on an individual who can demonstrate that they will make an outstanding contribution to the university through research and knowledge exchange, teaching or professional citizenship.

The forms to apply for a Visiting Professorship, and the Guidelines concerning these Professorships, are:

To apply for a visiting title, the proposed titleholder and the academic(s) at Staffordshire University that they will be working with should complete an application form. This should then be approval by the academic school’s Senior Management Team (SMT) before being forwarded to the secretary of the Professorial Conferment Committee. A current CV must be submitted with all applications. All applications must be signed by the school’s SMT before they can be considered and approved by the PCC.

A Visiting Fellowship or Visiting Professorship is awarded on a three-year term in the first instance. When this term is nearing its end, the titleholder can apply to renew their Fellowship or Professorship using the renewal forms below. Renewal applications must be approved at the Academic School SMT before being forwarded to the Professorial Conferment Committee for approval.

If you have any questions about these processes, please contact the Professorial Conferment Committee (PCC) secretary Cathal Rogers (


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