Every PhD student and every project is unique, so the application process described here is likely to be different from those that you have followed before. For the professional doctorate, the process is a little different.

Step 1

As a first step, please check the list of the various areas of expertise in which we can offer doctoral supervision.

Step 2

Then, contact us at graduateschool@staffs.ac.uk and we’ll put you in touch with a member of staff with who you can have an informal conversation about your proposed research at Staffordshire University. Because we can only offer the research degree where your intended research area matches our expertise, and no university could support everything, this preliminary conversation is vital.

Step 3

If the initial contact seems promising, you will find yourself discussing a research proposal with your contact. You can use our form to submit your proposal.

Step 4

You will then be invited to apply. You can use the following link to search for the research degree courses that we offer. The search results link through to specific research degree course pages, each of which offers a link to an electronic application form. You will need two references as part of the application.

You will need two references as part of the application, preferably from staff from a previous place of education, or management staff from your place of work. Also, you will need to provide transcripts of previous study.

If you are an international student and would be needing a visa, the application form will gather the information necessary for us to run preliminary checks on your eligibility.

You will also need to attach your research proposal to the application. This proposal will then be the subject of an interview, prior to our offering you a place on the degree.

Step 5

If everything seems in order with your application, we will interview you formally (this can be by video link).

At that point, the Academic School may recommend that you be offered a place on the research degree. This recommendation is ratified by the Graduate School and, if so, you will be contacted with details of the offer, and how to accept.

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