Study Mobility

To take part in the Erasmus+ programme students must be registered on a full time degree course at Staffordshire University. A minimum of 2 months work or 3 months study mobility must be completed. Study must count for credit towards their degree. Work placements can either be credit bearing (compulsory) or non-credit bearing (voluntary).

Staff mobility

Any member of staff can take part in Erasmus, either by going on a teaching or training mobility.

Teaching Mobility
Academic members of staff able to travel to teach at institutions we have a signed bilateral agreement with.  You would need to go for a minimum duration of 5 days of teaching and you are not allowed to exceed 6 weeks.

You are only able to go to institutions with which your faculty has signed a bi-lateral agreement with.

Training Mobility
Any member of staff can go on Training Mobility so long as it fits the criteria set by the European Union, and this is that the training enables members of staff to acquire knowledge or specific know how from experience and good practices abroad, as well as develop practical skills that are relevant for their current role or as part of their professional development.  So examples would be job-shadowing, study visits or relevant conferences or training.  This can include travel to institutions that hold a charter and where we have a bilateral as well as enterprises.

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