Staffordshire University lecturer publishes innovative new text book.

Improving Performance book - Martin DixonMartin Dixon, Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Professional Development, has recently published a new book on reflective practice within sports coaching with co-authors Sarah Lee and Professor Tony Ghaye.

‘Improving Performance: Coaching through Positive Reflection and Action’ has been written specifically for students and practicing coaches who are passionate and committed to improving what they are doing in the field of sports coaching and performance. It is underpinned by the relatively new and emerging area of positive psychology, encouraging practitioners to apply this approach to their coaching.

The book contains practical strategies and activities to help coaches and students become better at reflecting and consequently develop themselves and their athletes.

The methods of elite sports coaches from a range of different sports are also presented, demonstrating how positive reflection and action has been applied in high performance environments. For students looking to underpin their coaching practice with academic literature, the book also provides key theories and useful further reading. Drawing upon innovative concepts, this is currently the only text book available which focuses on reflective practice within sports coaching.

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