Current Research

Education and Creativity

I am currently involved in a number of projects investigating the influence of specific pedagogic practices on children’s creativity. This includes looking at the extent to which different types of feedback may influence children’s developing creativity and also the link between play and creativity.

TV and Creativity

I have been working to develop new ways to assess creativity in toddlers and pre-preschoolers. This is lots of fun as young children visit our ‘Children’s Lab’ at Staffordshire University and complete fun games and activities. I am particularly interested in the extent to which different types of television may effect children’s creativity and have recently been looking at the impact of fast and slow paced television programmes.    To find out more about these project please visit our ‘Children’s Lab‘ webpages.

Children’s Drawings

I am involved in a number of projects investigating how education might influence children’s drawing ability and drawing experiences. This includes a cross cultural project investigating the development of expressive drawing ability in the UK and China and also using drawings to better understand children’s gender stereotypes of job roles in the UK and Argentina.

Dog Bite Prevention

I am interested in the development of children’s understanding of animals, emotions, intentions and desires in the context of developing interventions to reduce the number of dog bites in young children.

Student Feedback

I am  investigating how students perceptions of feedback alter during the three years of their degree course and factors that may influence this. I also am interested in developing ways to make feedback more dialogic.


Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Staffordshire University