Forensic Intelligence & Knowledge Bank

Work Stream Leads

Rachel Bolton King – Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences Lecturer, Staffordshire University

Samantha Danton – Footwear Screening officer, Forensic Services, Staffordshire Police

Work Stream

Each of the 5 work streams identified by Staffordshire Police Forensic Services Department contains a variety of topic areas that require additional research and development through the partnership.  Some are reactive and others proactive, the areas identified for this work stream are listed below:

  • Capture and inform best practice (worldwide)
  • Knowledge/resource sharing
  • Experts Database
  • Inform real-time preservation, evidence recovery & investigation
  • Inform strategy decisions & force briefings
  • Provide consultancy
  • Intelligence package development, including digital evidence
  • Problem profile & linked scenes assessment
  • DNA speculative searches, DNABoost, Footwear Intelligence


Work Stream Aim

The work stream leads have identified the key aim for this work stream is to expand the current forensic intelligence offering by:

  • Interrogating forensic systems to highlight potential intelligence links;
  • Investigating the potential for linking individual evidence types to provide additional investigative value;
  • Tailoring intelligence reports to optimise their use


Potential Projects

Footwear Intelligence:

The Footwear Unit currently produces ‘Scene to Scene’ and ‘Custody to Scene’ reports.

The introduction of electronic footwear scanners into Custody could potential expedite the ‘Custody to Scene’ intelligence production.


Helpful Definitions

DNABoost: Allows all possible DNA profiles from mixed DNA result to be searched against SGM+ and DNA-17 profile records retained on the NDNAD.

DNA Spec Searches: Allows incomplete DNA profiles obtained from crime scenes to be subject to a one off speculative search of the National DNA Database (NDNAD).

Forensic Intelligence Package: Comprise of reports generated by the Forensic Department currently relating to DNA and footwear evidence, to inform force briefings.