Picture of students standing on our stoke on trent campusYou are applying for the role of Student Communications Ambassadors. By completing the form below you accept that your video and blog could be made public for a current student vote on our main social media accounts.

In order to apply for the role, we require you to create:

1) A 60 second video

Your 60 second video should be an introduction video. Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who you are, what you do and what you hope to achieve in the role. Consider it as an opportunity for your audience to get to know you better before they know if they want to subscribe to your vlogs or not. You’ve only got 60 seconds to convince us – so keep it creative and engaging, and feel free to show off your editing skills.

You can add your video either through a link from WeTransfer or YouTube. If you use YouTube please make sure that the video is either public or unlisted so that the team can view your video.


2) A written blog

In no more than 250 words, create a blog post to inspire future students to study your course at Staffordshire University. Whether it’s a day in the life, tips for making the most of it, what you’re hoping to achieve, or what inspired you to study your course at Staffordshire University.

We’ll be assessing your written skills, but also your ability to engage the audience (remember the attention span of readers is diminishing!). Although not essential, feel free to include photography, graphics or infographics in your blog. However, we do ask that all of your material is created by yourself. Remember we’re looking for students with a variety of skills, so play to your strengths!

This role is administered through Unitemps.com – you will need to complete a face to face identity check with Unitemps if you are offered the role.

You will also need to attend a Skype interview with the Marketing and Communications team.

If you need more information about the role please visit: www.unitemps.com or email: comms@staffs.ac.uk