Meet our team of current students and graduates who write about their student life and experiences after graduation at Staffordshire University.

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I’m Andrew, but most know me as Drew. I study Psychology and Counselling in my 3rd year and I chose Staffs because the course offered was one of the best Counselling courses in the country! I founded the Marvel Society – a place to appreciate all things Marvel! My guilty pleasure is eating Nutella straight from the jar – but who doesn’t love that?! For my advice, send in your questions to my ‘Dear Drew’ series.

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Hi! I’m a 3rd year Midwifery student, and in my spare time you’ll usually find me reading, listening to music or buying things I don’t need! When I graduate I’m looking forward to becoming a registered as a professional at 21, and making a difference. I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because the university is friendly and has a real community feel.



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Hi, I’m Alexandra! Studying Psychology (BSc) in my second year, but in my spare time I enjoy baking, reading and walking in the countryside! I’m a member of the Psychology Society, and I hope to study a Masters and PhD when I graduate and then one day, to be a Psychology Researcher – it can really help to change people’s lives! My guilty pleasure is chocolate, I love it too much!

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Hi! I’m Gee and I’m in my first year of Cartoon and Comic Art! So you’ll guess that I love reading comic books, going to conventions and cosplaying and my dream career would be to write for Marvel or DC comics! But what you wouldn’t guess is that my guilty pleasure is listening to cheesy 2000’s pop music. Students – Expect the unexpected!

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Karis here! I came to an open day at Staffs and fell in love, now I’m in my third year studying Photography! I’m part of a Dance club, and love to hang out at Ember Lounge (the food is amazing!) I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because of the efforts made to have the student voice be heard – getting to university is what I’m most proud of, too.

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I’m Jaz! You’ve arrived at my blog about life through a 22-year old’s eyes. I’ve chosen Staffs to take the first steps for my career within the radio industry and hope it will lead me to being a sound designer and produce Radio Dramas/Documentaries for the BBC! I love drinking copious amounts of green tea and watching classic Doctor Who episodes. I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because of the amount of banter! Students – listen up – get involved with as much as you can. University tends to flyby when you are having fun.

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Hello! I’m Vicky and I’m a first year Media (Film) Production student. Outside of lectures I like to spend as much time as I can surrounded by people, be it in the library, my flat, or Ember Lounge (especially on karaoke Tuesdays!) I’m essentially a crazy dog lady in the making with a big love for musicals – though my not-so-guilty pleasure when it comes to music is Christmas songs.

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Hi, I’m Zach – your typical Yorkshire lad. I chose Staffs because of the links to Engineering, and because of Alton Towers (I live and breathe roller-coasters!). I’m also pretty obsessed with sport, and spend my spare time watching football, rugby, F1 and BTCC. My dream career will be to work for Bentley Motors; it combines my love on engineering and cars! I’m most proud of my car, I take so much pride in it!

Guest Bloggers

Richard standing next to ruins in Bocaranga. Bocaranga has suffered terrible destruction since 2013 in the sectarian violence.

Richard Brethwick

International Relations Student

studying Via Distance Learning In Africa

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Rich Edwards

Graduate – Recently sailed around the world

filming Clipper Race 2015/16

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