Hi, I’m Alicia!

  • Digital Film and Post Production Technology, Second Year
  • International student
  • Passionate about cooking, travelling and equality
  • I want to become a film maker
  • I’ve worked in audio production for 3 years.

Hi, I’m Natalie!

  • Film Production Technology
  • Love going to gigs
  • Passionate about good music and fashion
  • Want to make the world a better place in choices regarding the environment
  • Love the social side of University and want to share how you can have fun on a student budget

Hi, I’m James!

  • Film Production Technology, Second year student
  • Passionate about all things film
  • You’ll always see me in Gobble
  • Aspiring Television Writer/Director
  • Want to show off what cool talented people I work with.
  • As soon as I stepped foot at Staffs, I knew it was the place I wanted to go.


Hi, I’m Hayley!

  • My favourite colour is yellow.
  • My spirit animal is a bird.
  • My dream superpower would be to fly…but I have a fear of planes. I think I need to be my own pilot!
  • My favourite animal is the red panda.
  • I am obsessed with Disney as I see it as a form of escapism, when the real world is just a bit too difficult and dull sometimes!
  • I study Photojournalism.

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Hi, I’m Matt!

  • Film fan and maker
  • Writer
  • Geek and comic lover
  • Fitness freak
  • Gamer
  • Member of the Game Development Society
  • Experimental Film Production Student

Hi, I’m Gee!

  • I love comic books about teenage superheroes, and I dress up as these characters for comic conventions (cosplay)!
  • I’m obsessed with music from the 00’s!
  • I have frighteningly extensive knowledge of British cheeses.
  • My favourite food is chicken kievs. (or, failing that, anything with garlic in it!)
  • I identify as non-binary so I use they/them pronouns.

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Hi, I’m Nom!

  • Photojournalism, Second Year student
  • I want to work in the fashion industry
  • I want to share the importance of wellbeing and exercising the mind.
  • My posts will be about building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • I’m a part of the fashion society

Hi, I’m Phil!

  • First year Esports student
  • Applied through UCAS but two years after college
  • Games, film and music are my hobbies
  • I’m not keeping any doors closed when it comes to my aspirations.
  • I’ll be sharing advice and information to help you through your student life at University.

If you have any questions for the team or you would like to submit a blog please email: comms@staffs.ac.uk