Community Plan

HWS CF logoThe University Quarter Community Action Network follow the Community Plan which the Hanley West and Shelton Community First Panel gave us in 2015.



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In 2012 the Hanley West and Shelton Community First Panel was established, made up of 8 people who live, work and study in the area. They got together to work with the Community Development Foundation and give out Community First funding from the UK Government to improve the area. The Chair of the group was the University Quarter Project Director at the time, Malcolm Newman.



The Panel looked at the information about our area. Using this information they agreed five local priorities for funding in the Hanley West and Shelton area.

hanley west and shelton priorities

1 Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

2  Improve the image, reputation and physical environment of the area.

3 Improve the well being and self esteem of local people by raising aspirations and educational attainment

4 Improve community cohesion and a sense of belonging including relationships between people from different groups (age, disability, gender etc)

5 Promote local business and improve skills through training, volunteering and work experience

Working with people in the Hanley West and Shelton area the Panel developed a community plan. You can download a copy here. Community Plan

When the Panel had allocated all of the funding for the area, they decided to cease meeting. They handed the Community Plan over to the University Quarter Community Action Network to continue the work.

During 2015 the Community Action Network checked with local people to make sure the priorities will still  the same. The priorities were confirmed.