Machines That See – Professor Claude Chibelushi

Machines that see: Can they unravel the proverbial thousand words from an image?

By Professor Claude C. Chibelushi

Professor of Cognitive Digital Media Computing

Date: Tuesday 15 March 2016

Time: 5.30 for 6pm

Location: Red Lecture Theatre, Octagon Building, Beaconside, Stafford Campus, ST18 0AD

Machines that can see are increasingly in demand in many areas of life in the digital age. Hence, researchers are addressing many questions, including: How can machines make sense of visual data, to do things that humans take for granted, such as recognising human faces, reading road traffic signs, examining slides of cancerous tissues using a microscope? What makes it difficult for a machine to do these tasks? Professor Chibelushi will discuss research advances, with examples from his work towards smart machines.

Light refreshments will be served after the lecture.

Machines That See lecture Flyer

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