Professorial Inaugural Lecture for Holocaust Memorial Day

On the 29th January, Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls will deliver her inaugural professorial lecture to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

The lecture, entitled “A Career in Conflict: Archaeological Approaches to Investigating Holocaust Landscapes”, will reflect on a decade of Professor Sturdy Colls’ work documenting Holocaust landscapes and sites of mass violence across Europe. Professor Sturdy Colls will discuss how archaeological methods and interdisciplinary approaches can offer new opportunities for commemoration, education and genocide prevention. She will also consider the ethical implications of this work and the benefits and challenges posed by working with a variety of communities, agencies and the media.

The event will mark Holocaust Memorial Day, thus commemorating victims affected by the Holocaust and other genocides.

The event will be held at the Science Centre at Staffordshire University’s Leek Road Campus. To book your place, please email or call 01782 295860.