MSc/MA in Applied Research – Archaeological Practice pathway

The MSc/MA Applied Research with a specialism in Archaeological Practice is a diverse and versatile programme of study which offers the opportunity to:

  • learn about a range of specialist skills such as photogrammetry, GIS, laser scanning, project planning, excavation methods and post-excavation reporting, which will then be applied in fieldwork projects in the UK and abroad;
  • conduct a research project relating to a range of topics with an emphasis on archaeological methods and techniques.

This MSc programmeDSCN0757 presents a unique opportunity to gain a wide range of practical and analytical skills, both of which will be employed in fieldwork activities. The skills acquired on this course will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required for a career in archaeology and heritage.

Students will take a specialist module in archaeological practice along with an innovative module called Issues, Ethics and Methods in Research.

In addition, students enrolled on this course will undertake a module in Applied Research which will allow them to get involved with fieldwork projects related to archaeological practice in the UK or abroad.

A major component of the course is an Independent Research Project, which consists of a 12,000-word dissertation or a creative project, such as an exhibition or piece of art. This can be completed in potentially any area relating to archaeological methods and practices.

The final element of this postgraduate programme is the dissemination of student’s independent project via subject specific outlets in the form of a publication, presentation or exhibition. This varied course is ideal for students that value the importance of practical skills and fieldwork as a means of furthering our understanding of the past.


For further information, contact:

Kevin Colls
t: +44 (0) 1782 294037