Through cutting edge research, Staffordshire University has developed a number of technologies that can allow organisations to find solutions to societal challenges and diversify their operations, these technologies are available for licensing.

Current License Opportunities

Torsion Measurement Device

An innovative device to measure the bending and twisting stiffness of footwear.

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Fibre Analysis for Forensic Examination

An innovative non-birefringent capture tape, making it possible to perform polarising microscopy analysis on fibre taken from a crime scene without interference from the background substrate.

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Self-propagating Malware Agents

Software that offers unparalleled security against self-propagating malware agents in cloud-based networks.

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Green Infrastructure

Consultancy and research into all aspects of the implementation and benefits of green infrastructure, i.e. living walls, trees, green roofs, indoor plants.

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Ultra-customised Cushion and Shock-absorbing Materials

A cushioning and shock-absorbing material whose elastic properties can be tuned to match the expected applied pressure.

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Miniaturised Electrostatic Precipitator

An electrostatic precipitator capable of removing particles from a gas stream.

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Ultrasound platform for diagnosing foot problems

A scanner for ultrasound imaging of tissue, particularly in the foot. A device on which the patient stands and can be combined with pressure measurements.

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