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A scanner for ultrasound imaging of tissue, particularly the foot.  Unlike existing hand-held ultrasound scanners, this device is a platform on which the patient stands, so ultrasound imaging takes place under standard loading conditions and can be combined with pressure measurements.


The device offers significant benefits to clinicians by providing simultaneous pressure measurements and ultrasound imaging when the foot is under normal load, the conditions necessary to detect many medical conditions. Existing hand-held devices require a high level of skill to locate the area of interest and unless the correct amount of force is applied the ultrasound image may be distorted or tissue damaged. By scanning the foot while the patient is standing, the device records accurate data allowing reconstruction of tissue geometry under clinically-relevant conditions.


The initial application is the diagnosis and prevention of a range of medical conditions associated with changes in plantar soft tissue such as ulcers and oedema. An important application will be the prediction and prevention of diabetic ulcers.

The device is under development for the human use, but could also be adapted for veterinary applications.


The invention is suitable for a collaborative development project with a device manufacturer. A licence for the patented IP for independent development will also be considered.

Intellectual Property

PCT patent application filed.

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