Our Cartographic Unit can produce high-quality maps and other illustrative media, including reports, research posters and brochures, to display a range of business or geographical information.

The potential business applications include tourism, property development and signage. We have worked recently with the Staffordshire RIGS Group to produce and map a new leisure facility. The Hamps and Manifold Trail takes visitors around an area east of Leek and south of Buxton on the edge of the Peak District National Park. The geotrail is designed to give the visitor a glimpse of the rocks, minerals and fossils of the area, together with an understanding of the part that water has played in carving out the impressive scenery seen today.

The contribution here was not just in the production of a great-looking , understandable map but in the geographic consultation behind the trail itself. That’s the sort of breadth of input Staffordshire University can provide.

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