DICO International Digital Storytelling Online Workshop

This is an opportunity for UG and PG learners of Staffordshire University’s Performing, Media, Digital Arts, Games, Visual Arts, Fine Arts and Design programmes and the Create Place leadership programme to take part in an

International Digital Storytelling Online Workshop (2 ECTS credits)


Sustainability in Arts and Culture

Sign in for the workshop at (EVENTBRITE LINK, or contact Carola.Boehm@staffs.ac.uk)

This workshop gives participants an opportunity to reflect on (environmental, cultural, economic, and social) sustainability and share your ideas with other arts and culture students from five universities: MOME (Hungary), Stafforshire University (UK), Technical University of Dublin (Irland), Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and University of Macerata (Italy).

In the workshop, we will use creative methods such as Photo Diary, creative writing and Digital Storytelling. Each student creates their own digital story on sustainability, approaching the theme from a personal perspective: what does sustainability mean in/for my studies, creative/artistic practice, and my identity and career as an arts/culture professional.  A web-based video editor WeVideo will be used for editing the digital stories.

You do not need any advanced skills in photography, or prior experience in Digital Storytelling or videoediting to participate in the workshop. You will, however, need:

  • A camera phone or a digital camera
  • A laptop or desktop computer (a touch screen tablet is not sufficient)
  • Google Chrome as a browser
  • An external mouse for your computer
  • A headset (headphones with a microphone)
  • Stable Internet connection
  • A silent room for audio recording

The workshop consists of a preassignment and 3 online workshop sessions (in Zoom):

  • –23.3.2022 Pre-assignment: Introducing yourself in Teams, readings on sustainability in arts and culture, and a Photo Diary assignment.
  • Thu 24.3.2022 Online session 1 at 11–17 (Finland) / 10–16 (Italy & Hungary) / 9–15 (UK & Irland)
  • Fri 1.4.2022 Online session 2 at 11–17 (Finland) / 10–16 (Italy & Hungary) / 9–15 (UK & Irland)
  • Fri 8.4.2022 Online session 3 at 11–17 (Finland) / 10–16 (Italy & Hungary) / 9–15 (UK & Irland)


Sign in for the workshop at (LINK, or contact Carola.Boehm@staffs.ac.uk)

Participants will receive an email ahead of the workshop, with instructions for the preassignment and for joining the Teams platform used for sharing instructions and materials of the workshop.

The workshop is part of the DICO project (DICO, Digital Career Stories – Opening new career paths for arts and culture students).  

New Erasmus+ Project: Digital Career Stories

Last week, we just held our first European partner meeting for our ERASMUS+ project DICO (Digital Career Stories) running from 2021 – 2023. It will produce online tools, which graduates can utilise to enhance their professional identity, improve their digital expertise in traditionally non-digital fields.

The project has its own webpage at https://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/c3centre/projects/dico-creating-digital-career-stories-erasmus/

Our partners in this project are

  • Turku AMK, Finland (lead)
  • University of Macerata, Italy
  • TU Dublin, Ireland
  • MOME Desgin Institute, Hungary
  • Stafforshide University, United Kingdom (contacts: Rob Marsden, Carola Boehm)

DICO Objectives

  1. Boosting arts, culture, and creative industry students’ resilience and belief in their future by inspiring them to rethink their possibilities and career strengths through digitally supported professional self-reflection.
  2. Providing piloted and researched Digital Career Story method to the use of art and culture lecturers who traditionally work with concrete hands-on methods in intimate workshop environments.
  3. Enabling internationalisation, networking and online skills of art and culture students through collaborative digital reflection and career story workshops in the time where traditional student exchange mobility is not possible.
  4. Intensifying the collaboration of the participating educational organisations in the field of pedagogical art and media based online methods.

And we have had already a fun first meeting where we got to know our partners, both in person and in their digital form!

More info, please contact Rob Marsden or Carola Boehm.