DICO Workshop: Collective and Individual Identities in an Era of Co-creation (Facilitated by Prof Carola Boehm)

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Workshop: Collective and Individual Identities in an Era of Co-creation

For staff and professionals only

(Facilitated by Prof Carola Boehm)

About this event

This fun, practical and critically engaging workshop gives participants an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledges for developing more powerful narratives of their own career stories. It will reflect on the individual and collective roles we play in society, and position us as creative beings in this continuum. The skills acquired will allow participants to be more conscious of their career narratives, with opportunities for enhancing their CVs, reflecting, and strategically considering aspects of their career development, and provide skills to participants for representing themselves in more impactful ways.

The pedagogical tools developed for this workshop were part of an Erasmus+ funded project with a consortium of five European universities. The workshop, focussing on performed, individual and collective identity for building career stories will make use of some of the pedagogical tools developed as part of this project, which include

  • individual and collective identity
  • reflective diary
  • digital storytelling
  • equity including and positionality
  • wearable and protest
  • design thinking for career design
  • creative career canvas
  • performative identity

The whole toolset will allow individuals to reflect and creatively devise their own career story. This workshop will present some of these tools and insights, deepening one’s understanding one’s own career journey. All creative tools will be provided.

DICO Project Consortium: MOME (Hungary), Staffordshire University (UK), Technical University of Dublin (Irland), Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and University of Macerata (Italy).


Detail: Contact Carola.Boehm@staffs.ac.uk